What karate means to me

Even though only started karate a few short months ago, I have already learned so much. I have learned about control and discipline as well as focus and obviously some awesome kicks and punches. Karate is also helping me to prepare for and achieve my goals.

The main reason I began practicing karate was because when i am older, I would like to join the Navy.The Navy requires that you must be able to fight so I figured I would get a head start. At first I thought that karate would simply be kicking and punching and that it would be fairly straight forward. I now know that my knowledge was very limited. Karate proved to be a challenge that needs focus, balance and strength. I will work hard and when I do get into the Navy i’ll be prepared.

You may not think that school and karate are connected but you would be wrong. Martial arts are not just about strengthening your body, but also your mind. In order to strike with power, or memorize a kata, or trick you opponent there is much technique that is needed. You need to concentrate and think before you move. The same rule applies for schoolwork. I used to tune out the teachers when they spoke and procrastinate on assignments, but thanks to karate, I can get my work done thoroughly and quickly.

I am a white belt, a beginner. I know a few kicks, blocks and strikes. Other people have spent years learning all these moves and their proper names. If you combine these moves you get a kata, of which I know none. I have barely touched the surface of karate, but that’s alright. It it comforting and a little frustrating to know that no matter how high a belt you get and how many skills you know, there is always more ahead.

Well, those are just some examples of what karate means to me. I think karate is not a form of fighting but a tool. It can be used to channel emotion, it can help you to concentrate, and you can get a good amount of exercise.

One last thing, if you are looking for a fun challenge I encourage you try out Kyokushin Karate. Everyone is very kind and are all great teachers…plus you get to kick stuff!

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