Taikyoku sono ichi, ni, san

Taikyoku is literally translated as “grand ultimate”, and in Chinese, the kanji characters are pronounced Tai Chi. The word Taikyoku can also mean overview or the whole point – seeing the whole rather than focusing on the individual parts, and

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Dojo Etiquette

Dojo etiquette is the way in which we conduct ourselves in the dojo. proper behavior and respect each other. Students will bow and say “OSU” upon entering the dojo. Proper respect will be shown to all senior belts and elders.

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Spirit of OSU

押忍の精神 OSU is the one word that you’ll hear the most in a Kyokushin dojo or at a Kyokushin tournament. When you enter or leave the dojo, you bow and say “Osu”. When you greet a fellow Kyokushin karateka, you

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Summer camp 2015 — By Jeff Greig

Summer camp is something I have attended each year for a while now. For me, this was a unique camp, as it marked the end of my Dan Grading process. This was a process that I informally started the previous

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Masutatsu Oyama

An early start Masutatsu (Mas) Oyama was born Yong I-Choi on the 27th of July, 1923, in a village not far from Gunsan in Southern Korea. At a relatively young age he was sent to Manchuria, in Southern China, to

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7 Reasons Why Your Child Should Practice Martial Arts

This Article was written by Eric C. Stevens. Eric Stevens is a nationally certified personal trainer with the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA). As a master-level certified personal trainer for the past twelve years, Eric Stevens has established himself

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Pay Dues and Fees online

An easier way to pay your dues and testing fees…. ONLINE Go to the Pay Dues Online Page — also accessible on the top bar of our home page.

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32 Canadian championship

Congratulations to everyone who participated in the tournament. You all performed very well both in the ring and outside. You represented our dojo very well as competitors and with great sportsmanship. NON CONTACT Luka Goyal – First Avani Johal –

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What karate has done for me

Karate has made me feel bigger and stronger. It has helped me learn Japanese and understand what Sensei means. Karate has helped me focus on techniques. I like sparring and breaking wood with my hand.

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what i have learned in karate

Karate has taught me kicks and punches. I have gained confindence. Karate has taught me how to be brave. – Juniour student

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