2016 Lower Mainland CB Tournament Results

Congratulations to all of the participants in the 2016 Lower Mainland Colour Belt Tournament. You all did very well. We are proud of the energy, effort and great sportsmanship you all demonstrated.

The results are as follows
Clicker Divisions
Luca – 1st
Armand – 1st
Ivan – 3rd
Jeramie – 1rd
Noor – 1st
Albert – 2nd
Caleb – 3rd
Ellyane – 2nd
Allina – 1st
Sebastian – 1st
Nathan S – 2nd
Ethan – 2nd
Nathan W – 3rd

Knock Down Divisions
Caleb – 1st
Sebastian – 1st
Luca – 3rd
Jeramie – 3rd
Nathan W – 3rd
Dante – 3rd

Great job everyone.

Thank you to all of the judges and volunteers. Without your efforts these events would not be possible.

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